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Mark Brannen, Omaha

Rally remains peaceful

PUBLIC PULSE – Published Sunday, July 13

I respect each citizen’s right to free speech, but I encourage each and every person to exercise that right in a way that reflects the morals of those who guaranteed that right for us all.

On July 5, I was saddened to see some in our community take the wrong path. The National Socialist Movement was granted a permit to hold a rally near the corner of 24th and Q Streets.

Instead of conducting themselves in a professional manner, members of the group embarrassed the community with a discriminatory rant about illegal immigration.

I am not Hispanic, but I was enraged by some of the comments screamed over the group’s loudspeaker. Its purpose seemed to be to inflame the community.

I compliment the Hispanic community for its composed response to the discriminatory language used. And a hearty thanks to the nearly 100 police officers who ensured that the rally remained peaceful.

Mark Brannen, Omaha

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