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Randy Rodgers, Shenandoah, Iowa

Omaha World Herald – PUBLIC PULSE – May 16, 2008

Can’t Judge Morality

Tyler Brown’s May 14 letter justifies judicial activism but misses the big picture. He is right that we are not just a democracy but also a republic.

Even so, that does not mean any judge can make decisions from the bench to protect minority rights. A judge could easily be just as capricious for the majority. This is what our Founding Fathers feared: non-representative officials deciding what is fair and good or whatever.

Would Mr. Brown extol the 1857 Dared Scott v. Sanford decision…a classic example of court acting unconstitutionally via judicial activism?

Since judges are not elected by popular vote at the federal level, they should have the least amount of poser in our systems.

They have not right to make moral judgments. The people alone should decide which laws we live under. Judges should rule only according to those laws and their constitutionality.

Randy Rodgers, Shenandoah, Iowa

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