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D.G. Smith, La Vista

Omaha World Herald – PUBLIC PULSE – June 17, 2008

McCain is a hero

As a retired Air Force officer, pilot and combat veteran, I would like to educate State Sen. Ernie Chambers about the questions raised in his June 13 letter:

The act of being shot down during the Vietnam War does not in itself make U.S. Sen. John McCain a hero; it’s what he did prior to and after being shot down.

Specifically, I speak of McCain forgoing the freedom of attending a civilian university in lieu of putting on a uniform and submitting to the rigors of the U.S. Naval Academy; accepting the inherent risks of learning to fly Navy aircraft; deploying in support of an unpopular war without whining or fleeing to Canada; flying multiple combat missions under hostile fire; and keeping faith with his country and fellow POWs despite extraordinary conditions.

All of this came at a time when McCain could have stayed at home, smoked pot and cursed the very country that gave him the freedoms to do so, as may other did then.

D.G. Smith, La Vista

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