Nebraska Observer Weblog

Nebraska’s Illegal Immigration News

Patti Fetzer

MOUNT AUBURN — It surprises me that so many people are blaming ICE for tearing apart the families of the illegal immigrants. What part of illegal do you not understand?

How can you not blame the immigrants who knowingly and willingly came into our country illegally? They also knowingly and willingly used fraudulent Social Security numbers, again illegal. They used fraudulent alien registration cards, again illegal. Many of them committed aggravated identify theft, yes again illegal. When they willingly crossed the border into our country illegally they are the ones who put their families at risk. They knew what would happen to them when they were caught.

So, when you are in our country and break our laws, don’t you dare blame anyone other than yourself when you are arrested.

Also to blame are companies that hire them knowing that they are illegal and all in the name of the almighty dollar. They also should be arrested and brought up on federal charges.


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