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Nebraska’s Illegal Immigration News


First and foremost, this web blog was born out of the frustration of looking at the illegal alien issues which currently plague Nebraska and our nation because our politicians are too “gutless” to take care of the problems. Secondly, because of the liberal news bias, the “real stories” are not being covered and written by our Nebraska and national news media. Thirdly, this blog serves to educate and improve the political dialogue about this subject as it concerns Nebraskans and the Mid-West in particular.

There are many issues out there facing our state right now: real estate taxation (revenue), schools, health & human services, and highway funding to name a few. My personal opinion is that the illegal alien problem within Nebraska is taxing all of our states services. Why do I think that?

You only have to study what effect it has had on other states who are currently involved in a “push-back” mode against their own illegal alien situations. Nebraska has always been and will probably always be behind the curve when it comes to the latest trends. In some border states like Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas there is an all-out “war” going on. In other states like Nebraska for example, agriculture and the meat packing plants act as a magnet to attract illegals. The trouble is that most people are not aware of it because they either don’t care or don’t follow the news (any news).

Although, this blog is written principally from a “conservative” viewpoint, an opportunity exists for Republicans, Democrats and Independents to get engaged in this most important issue which cuts across party lines.

Hopefully, this web blog will provide a better understanding of the magnitude of the day-to-day problems facing our state.

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