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Amnesty and the Economy: Myths, Lies, and Obfuscation

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 22, 2009

The Federation for American Immigration Reform (FAIR): Amnesty and the Economy: Myths, Lies, and Obfuscation (2009)

Recognizing that today’s economic conditions and climbing unemployment are a deterrent to any consideration of immigration amnesty legislation, amnesty advocates are trying to persuade the public and Members of Congress that an amnesty for illegal aliens would help the economy. For example, the Immigration Policy Center (IPC) recently issued a report that argues that, “Without comprehensive reform of the immigration system [read amnesty for illegal aliens], our nation cannot experience a full economic recovery.” If bold, baseless assertions such as these would win the immigration debate, the debate would be over. This argument spins a fantasyland out of partial and misleading data. Here is how they do it.

Read the full report in pdf format.

April 2009

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The Five Thousand Year Leap: 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck Forward

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 21, 2009

Here’s a link to an important book recommended to us and we’re recommending it to you…..The Editors The Five Thousand Year Leap: 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck Foreword: W. Cleon Skousen, James Michael Pratt, Carlos L Packard, Evan Frederickson: Books

NEW in 2009! THE 5000 YEAR LEAP 30 Year Anniversary Edition with Glenn Beck s Foreword! No other edition offers the revisions and updates of this remarkable book detailing how the Founding Fathers used 28 principles to create a 5000 year leap in freedom, prosperity, and progress; all based upon morality, faith, and ethics. THIS BONUS EDITION INCLUDES: Two landmark addresses by author, Dr. W. Cleon Skousen never before offered in print, along with the full text of US Constitution and Declaration of Independence.

The 5000 Year Leap will take you by the hand as you discover the ideals of the Founding Fathers and their 28 principles for success. The values explored in detail by Dr. Skousen range from the Founder’s prerequisite that the Constitution was designed for a moral people, to a government empowered by the people with checks and balances, along with an understanding of the critical nature of fiscal responsibility and family values. This book sums up the secrets to what James Madison called a miracle.

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Oh come all ye faithful voters!!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 19, 2009

Well, it’s payback time for all the ‘LOONEY’ hispanic groups who supported Obama’s presidential election.  The Lord Obama just announced Obama today at the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Kansas City that he is “committed to a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a way that illegal immigrants can become U.S. citizens.”  Oh…yah!!…you betcha…….He also says (laughter here):

  1. U.S. borders must be strengthened to thwart illegal immigration
  • liberal translation: “we’re not going to do a damn thing about it except talk”
  1. illegals must pay a fine and taxes, learn English and “go to the back of the line” of people trying to enter the United States from their home country, and
  • liberal translation: “if you believe this for a moment, your a gullible idiot!…and together with the Obama press core we’ll led you to slaughter like a bunch of sheep”…
  1. employers should not be allowed to exploit illegal immigrants to drive down wages.
  • liberal translation: “we’re not going to piss off the employers and the Chamber of Commerce” and the Mexican government who are benefiting in this scheme so “piss off” you real Americans!”

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Miss Affirmative Action 2009

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 12, 2009

Learn how Judge Sotomayor jumped over other eligible Americans all in the name of “affirmative action” in this “Miss Affirmative Action, 2009” on” column by Pat Buchanan.

Read how:  No one has brought forth the slightest evidence she has the intellectual candlepower to sit on the Roberts court. By her own admission, Sotomayor is an “affirmative action baby.”…….her academic career appears to have been a fraud from beginning to end, a testament to Ivy League corruption”….” to get up to speed on her English skills at Princeton, Sotomayor was advised to read children’s classics and study basic grammar books during her summers”…..”In video clips dating back 25 years… Sotomayor, according to the Times, even calls herself an “affirmative action product.”….”lower test scores were overlooked by admissions committees at Princeton University and Yale Law School because, she said, she is Hispanic and had grown up in poor circumstance.”…..”If we had gone through the traditional numbers route of those institutions,” says Sotomayor, “it would have been highly questionable if I would have been accepted. … My test scores were not comparable to that of my classmates.”

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Definition of Politics

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 11, 2009

Unfortunately, too many of our public representatives have been corrupted by power and greed or have been pleasing the masses instead of upholding the Constitution and our Founders’ vision for America. That is why Gore Vidal once quipped, “Politics is made up of two words: ‘poli,’ which is Greek for ‘many,’ and ‘tics,’ which are bloodsucking insects.”  (see full text of Chuck Norris column)

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