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Legislative Candidates

District 2

Cinco de Mayo paraders dance down 24th Street

“Campaign stickers seemed to outnumber parade floats Saturday at the annual Cinco de Mayo parade in south Omaha.”……”Even some dogs wore their “preferred” candidates’ stickers, among them Scout, a black Lab whose owner is a Jim Esch volunteer. Esch and Richard Carter are campaigning in the 2nd District Democratic congressional primary. The election will be May 13.”….story

District 5

District 5 candidates focus on taxes

Published Thursday | May 1, 2008

Taxes – especially high property taxes – are a big concern among voters, according to the three candidates running for the District 5 seat in the Nebraska Legislature…… I like where Ben English stands on taxes, making English the state’s official language, repealing the state law giving in-state tuition rates to children of illegal immigrants and punishing businesses who knowingly hire illegal immigrants…..story

District 18

Two challenge appointed senator in District 18

State Sen. Scott Lautenbaugh of Omaha faces a retired brigadier general and a 21-year-old student hoping to become the youngest member of the Nebraska Legislature. Lautenbaugh, a legislative appointee, Sean Tyler and Carl Lorenzen are on the May 13 primary ballot. See his views on illegal immigration…..story

District 18 candidate profiles

District 33

Jobs, taxes at forefront of campaign

Kearney: McShea touts blue collar as leg up

By SARA GIBONEY, Hub Staff Writer 05/03/2008 Updated 05/03/2008 10:23:51 AM CDT

Hub photo by Sara Gibboney Mike McShea seeks to represent District 37 in the Nebraska Legislature. He hopes to represent working-class Nebraskans.
Hub photo by Sara Gibboney Mike McShea seeks to represent District 37 in the Nebraska Legislature. He hopes to represent working-class Nebraskans.

KEARNEY — Mike McShea is just a working-class guy. That’s what he hopes will win the support of citizens in his run for the District 37 seat in the Legislature. The issues most important to him are quality education, protecting the right to bear arms, stopping illegal immigration, religious freedom in schools and strengthening the economy…..story

A high-tech businessman back by Gov. Dave Heineman and a banker endorsed by incumbent State Sen. Vickie McDonald are among the five canidates for District 41 legislative seat for north-central Nebraska but only Jerome Warner of Greeley, a retired laborer seems to be openly against illegal immigration……story

New Nebraska Network – Bitter (anarchists/liberals/socialists) comments by Kyle Michaelis Thu Apr 10, 2008….story

Albion News Online – April 8, 2008 – Candidates talk roads, taxes and many other topics at political forum last Sunday, April 6, in the Petersburg American Legion Hall….story

Nebraska legislative candidates line up, but only in some districts By: Brad on 23 Mar 2008 Five have filed for the seat, including one named Jerome Warner, who says he may be a distant cousin to the well-known senator from Waverly who served 35 years. story

A strange election year
By: Kent Warneke – NDN Editor on 21 Mar 2008
Finally, there’s the legislative candidate Jerome Warner from Greeley who was upset that I asked for his complete mailing address. “Don’t the post office know how to get my letters to me by my box number?” he asked. story

A look at upcoming elections – By: JoeMerchant24 on 4 Mar 2008
(R) Jerome Warner, Greeley (member of the state Minutemen….story

The latest statehouse candidatesBy: JoeMerchant24 on 13 Feb 2008
Jerome Warner of Greeley retired after holding a series of jobs, most recently as a security guard. Warner, a registered Republican, is a member of the Minuteman Project border watch group. He is no relation to the late Sen. ……story


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