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Stuart Williams, Omaha

Omaha World-Herald – Public Pulse – April 28, 2008

Money Ultimately Rules

After recent bailouts on Wall Street, the overarching be-all and end-all position of money in the United States could not have been made more abundantly clear. The almight dollar is king, and all have bowed before it.

When a financial crisis affects the wealthy and the powers that be, they will move heaven and earth to protect their privileges and profits.

In a similar fashion, it is seen as somehow in the public interest to keep the financial system from collapsing. But when it come to collapses in the social and environmental systems, those are, in contrast, of minor importance and considered to be best left to individuals or local institutions.

We have a system whereby profits are private and losses are public. It is essentially protected socialism for the rich and on-your-own capitalism for the rest of us.
Stuart Williams, Omaha

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