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Stick to the facts

PUBLIC PULSE – Published Sunday, July 13

I believe the response by Omaha school board members Sandra Kostos Jensen and Shirley Tyree (July 3 Midlands Voices) to James C. Creigh (June 28 Midlands Voices) was unconvincing. Calling Creigh’s statistics “erroneous,” Jensen and Tyree provided no alternative data.

Accusing Creight of “fear-mongering” hardly refutes his argument. Nor is it a ringing endorsement to say that spending increases over the past 10 years have been “fully examined by the Legislature.”

Imploring readers to “move beyond the misconceptions of individuals, beyond reticence of the past, and into our future” is a nice sound bit, devoid of substance.

If they wish to debunk his argument, they should respect our intelligence enough to use facts instead of rhetoric:

  • According to the National Association of Home Builders, Nebraska has the third-highest median property-tax rate in the United States.
  • The Nebraska Department of Education Web site shows that the percentage of Omaha Public Schools student in grades 7 to 12 who scored above the national average in standardized reading and math tests has decreased over the past five years.

I challenge OPS leaders to reconcile these two facts.

John Connor, Omaha

NebraskaObserver EDITOR: John, they can’t use anything but rhetoric and lies….they’re liberals!

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