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Attorney General John Bruning

  Nebraska Attorney General Jon Bruning in Lincoln, Neb. Bruning refused to investigate a complaint of possible housing discrimination because it involved illegal immigrants. Bruning said he will not use taxpayer dollars to file lawsuits for illegal aliens.


Attorney General Bruning Wins!!

Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission will have to hire their own attorney to pursue illegal immigrants

AG, state anti-bias commission close to agreement
By JoANNE YOUNG / Lincoln Journal Star
Thursday, May 22, 2008 – 06:40:17 pm CDT

The Attorney General’s Office and the NEOC (Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission) continued Thursday to make changes to an agreement that would allow the NEOC to handle housing discrimination cases.


Bruning replies to charges that he never fights discrimination!

BY JON BRUNING – Thursday, May 08, 2008 – 09:58:01 am CDT

Bruning responds to charges that he never fights discrimination in letter to Lincoln Journal Star. Sets the records straight on what his office has and has not done and why. Especially, illegal alien housing case and Vince Powers’ law firm’s threat to sue his office…..story

Published Saturday | May 3, 2008
Outside counsel can’t represent agency, Bruning says
Published Thursday | May 1, 2008

LINCOLN — Attorney General Jon Bruning said Friday that the Nebraska Equal Opportunity Commission cannot be represented by outside attorneys in illegal alien housing discrimination case — even if they do not seek payment….story  Go Jon…Go!!

Neb. AG refuses to sue for immigrants’ fair housing rights
By NATE JENKINS Associated Press Writer
The Associated Press – May 1, 2008

AP reporter gives a good account on how all of this started and how it is playing out.  Angry Anne Hobbs of the NEOC and angry “open-border” enthusiasts piling on the AG.  However, it really ticks me off when reporters say, for example, “Immigration advocates say” instead of giving names. Oh!…by the way, why doesn’t any reporters ask John Q. Citizen what they think about it or an anti-illegal immigration group here in the state, what they think?  Or better yet, a taxpayer!

“Bruning said, I’m not going to use taxpayer dollars to file lawsuits for illegal aliens,”  after learning the couple was in the U.S. illegally. “You’re not going to get a free lawyer from his officeif you’re not a citizen of this country.”  Go Jon Go!……..story 

Should a landowner be forced to rent a house to someone who is in the United States illegally?

 Capitol News

3 Responses to “Attorney General John Bruning”

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  2. AFC said

    John Bruning is a wuss. After accusing a gas station operator in western Nebraska of price gouging several months ago, he has the audacity to set foot in the very same station. He seemed surprised that they weren’t happy to see him. And rather stay and defend himself, he ran to his car like a little girl and let some his flunkies do it for him. Their defense included yelling and profane, vulgar language. Classy. An aside – what was the Attorney General doing on a golf outing in North Platte on a Tuesday? Seems like the civil servant is not living up to his job description.

  3. Mike Luft said

    Mr. Bruning supports price gouging in Lincoln, why would he care what they do in North Platte? Check the gouge stations along north 70th street, havelock to adams street. When oil trades $2 higher they go up 10 cents a gallon, $4 equals 20 cents a gallon. But if oil trades $5 a barrel less, it drops 2 cents. Go figure! They’ve been doing it that way for a year now. Yet John continues to look the other way. Maybe they’re padding his pocket book?

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