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Nick R. Bechtel, Fremont

Omaha World-Herald -PUBLIC PULSE –May 23, 2008

We’re willing to work

In a May 17 letter, Aida Cruz asked why American Citizens won’t try working in meatpacking plants and in the hot sun.

Many Americans worked in meatpacking plants when they paid well. In those days, workers did everything by hand before ergonomic committees were implemented and tables brought the meat to the workers. Some Americans still work in those plants today.

Americans have done this kind of work for generations before the current problem of illegal immigration. They just don’t want to work for the slave wages that some illegal immigrants will work for today.

To me, legal immigration is when someone knocks on the front door and is glad to meet you. Illegal immigration is when someone comes in the back door in the middle of the night, makes himself at home and can’t understand why he is not welcome.

Nick R. Bechtel, Fremont

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