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Veteran Organizations

The American Legion in Nebraska

One Response to “Veteran Organizations”

  1. Sir,
    Saw your YOUTUBE, very good. Our NVC…NATIONAL VETERANS COALITION ……is sponsoring a “VETS SUPPORT SHERIFF JOE ARPIO” RALLY, to be held in Phoenix, Arizona, Oct.27, Monday, a march from Wells Fargo building to the steps of the State Capital, with Sheriff Joe’s blessing. This is for VETS to show their solidarity & support for Sheriff Joe rounding up illegal aliens. PLEASE see our “SIX KEY ISSUES” that will save our country on our website. We love RON PAUL and our CP candidate is CHUCK BALDWIN. However, this rally is strictly our way of showing support for Sheriff Joe. You are welcome to join us.
    Thank you. Welcome home.
    -Larry Breazeale, Msgt.(ret.) USAF
    Vietnam/Desert Storm veteran,
    retired deputy sheriff LASD,
    Nat. Chrm. NVC/CP

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