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Charlotte Rady

WFC Courier –

On illegal immigration

CEDAR FALLS — Come on, Mr. Leonard Thill (May 25), do you really believe that rounding up the bad “illegals” and either jailing them forever or sending them back home will stop more from coming here? Hon, open your eyes, take a look around. Until we enforce laws that seal our borders, until we cease to incarcerate the officers who enforce those laws, until we stop caving to the despicable criminals (Americans) who steal our Social Security numbers, give them to the illegals and then bring them into this country, you’ll never see an end to illegal immigration.

Things are rarely as they appear. Sadly, for the detainees, they are caught in a web of much deceit from many sides. The last few weeks were a trial run of sorts, and you paid for it. Gee, who’s bleeding now?

By the way, I have a rainbow for sale. Interested?


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