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Costs of illegal immigration to the State of Virginia

Posted by nebraskaobserver on July 10, 2009

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If only Nebraska politicians had brains!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on July 9, 2008

If only Nebraska politicians were as smart as Missouri politicians!

July 09, 2008

Missouri Gov. Blunt Signs Immigration Reform Bill

“A two-year effort to curb illegal immigration in Missouri came to fruition Monday as Gov. Matt Blunt signed legislation designed to catch illegal workers and punish their employers. The bill contains a wide range of new requirements, including mandatory checks on the legal status of all public employees, welfare applicants and criminal suspects whenever they are jailed,” the Kansas City Star reports.

[FAIR’s legal affiliate IRLI, the Immigration Reform Law Institute as well as FAIR activists were involved in making sure that this measure was crafted as well as instrumental in keeping the pressure on to pass it. Kudos to FAIR activists in Missouri for this important victory!]

Read the full story

EDITOR’S NOTE: Just so all you news media types that keep stacking the deck daily for the “open-borders” enthusiast’s within the state, the Chamber of Commerces, liberal educators, so-call faith based organizations, sanctuary cities, unions, contractors and Nebraska meat packers (hope we haven’t left anyone out) think that the majority of the citizens are going to just sit back and let you run this state into the ground, you have another think coming! Similiar legislation will be passed in this state, so all you illegals aliens might just start packing!

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Farmers Branch, TX: Ruling Clears the Way for New City Ordinance making it difficult for illegal aliens to reside and work in the city

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 31, 2008

(Washington DC) A pair of orders issued this week by U.S. District Judge Sam Lindsay, have cleared the way for the city of Farmers Branch, Texas to implement a redrafted ordinance, says the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI). The new ordinance adopts key elements of model legislation drafted by IRLI.

The substitute, Ordinance 2952, was adopted by the Farmers Branch City Council last January. It provides a means to carry out the will of the voters who approved Ordinance 2903, while ensuring that the city does not infringe upon the federal government’s authority over immigration policy. IRLI is a recognized expert in drafting these sorts of local policies and has successfully worked with state and local governments to implement laws that allow them to become successful partners with the federal government in enforcement of immigration policies.

The objective of Farmers Branch is to institute policies that make it difficult for illegal aliens to reside and work in the city,” stated Michael Hethmon, general counsel for IRLI. “The citizens have repeatedly stated at the polls that they want effective local policies to deter illegal immigration. Farmers Branch should not have to shoulder this federal burden, but they have admirably done their civic duty. Cities across the nation can now benefit from the work reflected in the new ordinance.”….story

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American People Still Have a Voice on Capitol Hill!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 23, 2008


Federation for American Immigration Reform

Senate Leadership Removes Mikulski H-2B Amendment!
American People Still Have a Voice on Capitol Hill!

FAIR has received confirmation from Senate Republican Leadership that the Mikulski H-2B Amendment was been stripped from the Iraq War Funding Bill on the Senate floor this afternoon. Thanks to all our members, activists, and friends who called – and kept calling – until our voices were heard!

The H-2B amendment was added to the War Funding Bill last week by Senator Barbara Mikulski (D-MD) as the bill traveled through the Senate Appropriations Committee.  The amendment reinstated for three years the returning worker exemption to the H-2B unskilled guest worker program which expired last year. Under the exemption, an alien who worked in the U.S. during the past three years under the H-2B program can return to the U.S. to work without counting towards the 66,000 cap. This exemption would have led to ever-growing numbers of unskilled H-2B guest workers entering the U.S. each year—increasing the number by hundreds of thousands!  

The amendment was not only designed to appease special corporate interests addicted to cheap foreign labor, it defied common sense in the face of the struggling U.S. economy which has seen tens of thousands of workers lose their jobs over the past few months. However, your determination to make Congress hear the will of the American people made the difference! Thank you!

But even with this important victory, please remember that some sources are reporting that President Bush may veto the Iraq War Funding Bill. If that happens, another funding bill will likely come to the Senate floor and this kind of “must-pass” bill would be an attractive target for Senators seeking to attach special-interest amendments.

Please stay tuned to FAIR for all the latest information from Capitol Hill…  

To receive more information from FAIR, click here.

To join or donate to FAIR, click here.

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FAIR “Action Alert”….3 Down & 1 to go!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 22, 2008


Federation for American Immigration Reform Action Alert

Three Down, One to Go!
Keep the Calls Coming!

Last night, Democratic Leadership partially capitulated and agreed to strip three of the four immigration amendments from the Iraq War Funding Bill that is on the Senate floor this week.

The move came when Senator Robert Menendez (D-NJ) made a point of order under Senate Rule 16, which prohibits legislating policy on an appropriations bill. The parliamentarian agreed, and stripped the following amendments:

  • The AgJobs Amendment that would have granted amnesty to 1.35 million agricultural workers and their families;
  • The Murray-Gregg Amendment that would have made approximately 218,000 more green cards available for multinational executives and so-called “highly skilled workers” by “recapturing” visas from as far back as 1994; and
  • The Leahy Amendment that would have extended for 5-years a program that helps wealthy investors get green cards.

However, Senate sources tell us that the Mikulski H-2B amendment – an amendment that could lead to hundreds of thousands of new unskilled H-2B guest workers flooding the labor market in only a few years – is still in the Iraq War Funding Bill. This is because the Iraq War Funding Bill is being considered in two parts and point of order raised by Senator Menendez only applied to the first part. The H-2B provision is in the second.

Please keep calling your Senators until Democratic Leadership strips this final special-interest immigration amendment from the Iraq War Funding Bill! Tell them that you oppose importing tens of thousands of new unskilled (H-2B) guest workers to appease corporate interests—and especially when the economy is struggling.

We heard throughout the day that your calls put intense pressure on Senators across the country. One staffer told us that the phones were “lighting up like a Christmas tree.” Please help us make sure Congress looks out for the American people and not special interests.  

To find your Senators’ phone numbers, click here.

Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV)
DC Office (202) 224-3542
District Office (702) 388-5020

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY)
DC Office (202) 224-2541
District Office (502) 582-6304

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