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Bob MacCraw, Bellevue

Omaha World-Herald – PUBLIC PULSE – Wednesday, 06/18/08

He showed character (Ernie)

In reference to Ernie Chamber’s letter in which he expressed difficulty understanding the applicability of John McCain’s military experience as a qualification to serve as commander in chief, let me attempt to connect the dots for him.

It wasn’t being shot down that qualifies John McCain, but rather the courage he demonstrated by flying into harm’s way in the service of his country, but rather his demonstrated strength of character and love of country that enabled him to survive 5 1/2 years of brutal captivity. These things help define him for the voting public.

I find these attributes of courage and character directly applicable to the qualities we would want in the leader of this country and its armed forces. Combine these admirable character traits with McCain’s nearly 26 years of experience in Congress, and you have a robust resume that is verifiable and worthy of a proven and viable candidate for the office of President.

Bob MacCraw, Bellevue

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