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Ginny Campbell, Omaha

Omaha World-Herald – PUBLIC PULSE – May 24, 2008

Don’t Tell Me It’s Fair

In a May 17 letter, Aida Cruz said it’s not fair to judge people who are in this country illegally. Apparently, she thinks it is all right for legal citizens to take on the burden of paying for millions of illegal immigrants.

I guess she think there is no end to what we should be giving illegal immigrants, because she said even if they don’t pay taxes, they should be given tax funds for their hard work and contributions to this country.

In other words, the stimulus package that has been given to citizens also should be given to millions of illegal immigrants.

When she accuse this country and its citizens of being unfair, she should ask herself where the fairness is in 12 million immigrants invading our country and having a feeling of entitlement to everything we have at no cost to them.

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