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Costs of illegal immigration to the State of Virginia

Posted by nebraskaobserver on July 10, 2009

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Oh come all ye faithful voters!!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 19, 2009

Well, it’s payback time for all the ‘LOONEY’ hispanic groups who supported Obama’s presidential election.  The Lord Obama just announced Obama today at the Esperanza National Hispanic Prayer Breakfast and Conference in Kansas City that he is “committed to a comprehensive immigration overhaul that includes a way that illegal immigrants can become U.S. citizens.”  Oh…yah!!…you betcha…….He also says (laughter here):

  1. U.S. borders must be strengthened to thwart illegal immigration
  • liberal translation: “we’re not going to do a damn thing about it except talk”
  1. illegals must pay a fine and taxes, learn English and “go to the back of the line” of people trying to enter the United States from their home country, and
  • liberal translation: “if you believe this for a moment, your a gullible idiot!…and together with the Obama press core we’ll led you to slaughter like a bunch of sheep”…
  1. employers should not be allowed to exploit illegal immigrants to drive down wages.
  • liberal translation: “we’re not going to piss off the employers and the Chamber of Commerce” and the Mexican government who are benefiting in this scheme so “piss off” you real Americans!”

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ICE agents arrest 44 illegal immigrants

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 25, 2008

POSTED: 6:53 pm CDT June 25, 2008
UPDATED: 7:19 pm CDT June 25, 2008

OMAHA, Neb. — Immigration agents said they’ve arrested 44 illegal immigrants during a five-day operation in several Nebraska cities.In Lexington, 25 people were arrested, along with 12 in Grand Island, two in Broken Bow and one each in Cozad, Gibbon, Hastings, Kearney and North Platte.A U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement official said arrests were made at homes and businesses in the days leading up to Tuesday.

Of the suspects, 28 were fugitives, meaning they had defied an immigration judge’s final order to leave the country and were targets of the operation. The other 16 were illegal immigrants arrested as agents targeted others.The immigrants are from Nicaragua, Guatemala, Mexico and El Salvador and were being held at county jails throughout Nebraska.

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