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Miss Affirmative Action 2009

Posted by nebraskaobserver on June 12, 2009

Learn how Judge Sotomayor jumped over other eligible Americans all in the name of “affirmative action” in this “Miss Affirmative Action, 2009” on” column by Pat Buchanan.

Read how:  No one has brought forth the slightest evidence she has the intellectual candlepower to sit on the Roberts court. By her own admission, Sotomayor is an “affirmative action baby.”…….her academic career appears to have been a fraud from beginning to end, a testament to Ivy League corruption”….” to get up to speed on her English skills at Princeton, Sotomayor was advised to read children’s classics and study basic grammar books during her summers”…..”In video clips dating back 25 years… Sotomayor, according to the Times, even calls herself an “affirmative action product.”….”lower test scores were overlooked by admissions committees at Princeton University and Yale Law School because, she said, she is Hispanic and had grown up in poor circumstance.”…..”If we had gone through the traditional numbers route of those institutions,” says Sotomayor, “it would have been highly questionable if I would have been accepted. … My test scores were not comparable to that of my classmates.”


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