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EDITORIAL: Shades of the National Socialist Movement…ugly pro-illegal immigration rally in Arizona (an example of the truth!)

Posted by nebraskaobserver on July 15, 2008

In reference to our posting yesterday of comments by Mark Brannen, Omaha, regarding the recent July 5 neo-Nazi demonstration in South Omaha against illegal immigration, we offer these observations.

Since, the NebraskaObserver was not there, we do not know specifically what was being said in Mark’s alleged “discriminatory rant about illegal immigration”, however if any racial comments were made they are inexcusable in our opinion.

That said, the public needs to know (and the World-Herald and any other state or national news organization is not going to tell you) that the mere criticism of our nation’s immigration system or problems associated with illegal immigration is immediately condemned by the “open borders” crowd as “hate speech” and “racist”. It’s in their “play book”.

Now yelling and using a loudspeaker is fair game as far as we are concerned. The “open borders” kooks and liberals have used them for years. Why not anyone else?

Additionally, there is overwhelming evidence that pro-illegal immigration advocates/kooks incite intolerance and violence. For example, see the recent beating and stomping of an effigy of Maricopa County (Phoenix) Sheriff Joe Arpaio, captured on video and reported in the Arizona Daily Star. This occurred at a rally sponsored by the Coalición de Derechos Humanos, a prominent illegal alien advocacy group.

In spite of a truly ugly protest organized by these pro-illegal alien protesters in front of a Tucson, Arizona, bookstore none of the self-anointed guardians of civil discourse have uttered a word of condemnation of these actions.

Oh!…. by the way, clearly depicted in the video, carrying the effigy head of Sheriff Arpaio is Isabel Garcia, an attorney for the Pima County (Tucson) public defender’s office (what’s that all about?).

If it were any other group, including the National Socialist Movement, it would be considered by the “open borders” kooks as a hate crime, but since it’s against a white man, there can’t possibly be any need to raise that issue, right?

If anyone thinks that this does not or will not happen here in Nebraska, think again! All a person has to do is look at the border and surrounding mid-western states. It’s already here, Nebraskans!

In the next few months leading up to the 2009 State legislative session, the NebraskaObserver will be bringing examples of this type of activity to your attention.


4 Responses to “EDITORIAL: Shades of the National Socialist Movement…ugly pro-illegal immigration rally in Arizona (an example of the truth!)”

  1. 9/11 Truth said

    You can’t say civilization don’t advance … in every war they kill you in a new way.WillRogersWill Rogers

  2. Joe Gildow said

    There is no excuse for this behavior.

    Isabel Garcia should be fired.

  3. Paul Cragle said

    Isable should fired, she is a liability to the Defenders office.

  4. I’ve seen this play out before in communities in Texas, elsewhere. when I was stationed in San Diego, initially I liked going to Tijuana,at night of course. Then there was a consecutiveperiod whereI learned to do the COCKROACH WORLD RECORD SCURRIE TO A CLUBS DARK CORNER AND HIDE. Outside the club someone always turns off the music so us little white people can listen and maybe see one of the most horrific things I’ll ever see in my life. Always a large group of mexican cowboys and mexican cowgirls: these sexy Latinas wearing real Mexican authentic white, cockroach stompers have the little white boys a couple of violent hard BOOT HEEL STOMPS, and BOOT TIP KICKS, and BOOT TIP SMOOSHES, that have a person like me in such a state of trauma, have the Mexican Cowgirls in the bar laughing at me and starting to STOMP their boots at me. The bottom line is Mexican’s wear a boot that when you y them walking down the street, they know we are there, but a real hate of us who they call the little white people, because when a Mexican pulls on their El General BOTAS, even us tginy whites comment. I said to

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