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The Big Lie: “Jobs Americans just won’t do.”

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 29, 2008

Every once in a while, we run across an astute young person that takes the time to listen and make up his/her own mind and not regurgitate the “10 second sound bites “ coming from the dinosaur news media. One such person is, Joel Borofsky, a 24 year old student at The College at Southwestern in Ft. Worth, TX. Although, his website, The Christian Watershed, is primarily dedicated to discussing philosophy, theology, and cultural items, he did take time to read and provide his interesting observations on Glenn Beck’s commentary on illegal immigration being the new slave labor: We encourage Joel and others to spend more time on the Communist News Network (CNN) listening to Glenn Beck than Jon Stewart on Crossfire.

The Nebraska Observer completely agrees with Joel’s observation that “for too long I believe American Christians have held completely absurd views on illegal immigration” and “there has been a greater moral breakdown in Christianity.” Joel’s website.


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