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Lincoln: Woman booked for using man’s ID to get credit cards

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 15, 2008

By the Lincoln Journal Star – Wednesday, May 14, 2008 – 01:05:55 pm CDT

A 28 yr. old transient woman, Karah Jean Vaisvilas, was arrested Tuesday for using a Lincoln man’s identity to obtain five credit cards and making more than $4,000 in charges….story


5 Responses to “Lincoln: Woman booked for using man’s ID to get credit cards”

  1. Teresa A said

    All I can do is laugh at this girl. I knew her when she was a sweet girl and she always wanted to be a “thug”. Guess now she is cool enough and can be considered a “thug”!!!

    You get what you go after!

  2. HMM said

    I also knew Karah, we went to school together. She was the girl that most people wanted to be and now no one wants to be her. and like Teresa said she wanted to be a thug… well now she will be someones B@*#H! in prision….

  3. Sher said

    It’s funny how one, if not already, we’ll each look back on our lives…and admit we all had a past. Some worse than others, but whose moral compass really decides eh? I know this much….I serve a God who says that everyone deserves another chance. But it’s up to God to be the decision maker of all that. No one is a winner here. But I’m praying that she finds the creator who created us all and the God who wants to be the Lord of each of our lives.

  4. no name said

    This girl has been nothing but trouble her whole life. Now she not only screws up her own life but her childrens as well. When they are old enough to understand won’t they be proud of their mother. Pull up her court records one time. She has a real problem taking things that are not hers. Maybe she should try getting a job.

  5. Teresa A. said


    You are very true. God will be her only judge. But as she walks this earth she shall be judged by her peers. I know that Karah has always been a thief. She stole from the salon where her mother worked at in 1999/2000. I know this b/c she would come home with tips that should of been paid out to the girls who worked there and free gift certificates were given to many people.. She stole from her own Mother. She stole from her children…by taking the one person who was supposed to be their strength, herself. She has made a fool out of her own life. For this I am able to “judge” her. It is one thing to make a mistake…but to repeat it for years and years… She jeapordized her children’s safety by taking them on drug runs…using them to steal items from stores. So before you tell me not to judge this girl…learn who the real Karah Jean Vaisvillas is. Ask her about her lifestyle when she was in NYC! I am sure she never told anyone about her having sex for drugs and money…but why would she.

    Yes God will judge us all. This is why I try my damndest to do right by others. Karah lost my respect a long time ago…so I am not judging her…I am speaking the truth about her!

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