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Bruning replies to charges that he never fights discrimination!

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 12, 2008

Bruning responds to charges that he never fights discrimination in letter to Lincoln Journal Star. Sets the records straight on what his office has and has not done and why. Especially, illegal alien housing case and Vince Powers’ law firm’s threat to sue his office…..story


One Response to “Bruning replies to charges that he never fights discrimination!”

  1. Bulldogger said

    The entitlement attitude of illegal aliens in this country is absolutely mind numbing. Lets see if I have this straight, sneak into the country illegally, steal or use forged documents to work, use services and then when needed file claims in our courts. You know when Capt. Jaun McAmnesty became the Republican Nominee for POTUS I seriously believed the party was burned to the ground but folks like Jon Bruning give me a little hope that there may yet be life in the party after all. One more thing those hundreds of billions of dollars that illegal aliens suck out of our budget each year for social programs could go a long ways to pay for one hell of a universal health care system.

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