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China’s family planning rules may increase Nebraska’s immigration population

Posted by nebraskaobserver on May 8, 2008

China’s family planning rules at issue in US asylum cases

Hold onto your hats!  More low-skilled immigrants may be coming to Nebraska if the Supreme Court has any say about it!  Little known 1996 asylum law gave asylum rights to women who are victims of China’s controversial family planning policy.  The Bush administration is resisting the male partners’ efforts to get asylum, even though the Republican congressman who wrote a 1996 asylum law said it was intended to cover men as well as. There is no dispute that women can seek asylum under the law.  Partners of Chinese women who were forced to have abortions are pressing the Supreme Court to make it easier to get asylum in the United States.  With 3+ Billion Chinese, can you imagine how many people we would have to admit under these circumstances?  IMMIGRATION INSANITY!!…….story


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